WIFI Intelligent Automatic Skin Analyzer Smart Detector Facial Scanner Machine Skin Microscope For Windows IOS Android

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WIFI Intelligent Automatic Skin Analyzer Smart Detector Facial Scanner Machine Skin Microscope For Windows IOS Android


You will receive a Skin Cutis Derma Painting As Gift

The device with the noticeable application in beauty care, personal care, beauty salon, you can use it for skin analysis.

It can be connected with Windows , Android , IOS system.
This device can be used to observe and analyze skin, in LED lighting conditions, from displays of computer, Android devices, IOS devices.

It is provided with specific skin analysis software. With this professional software you can observe and recognize various states of the skin. Meanwhile, this machine will generate a report for skin analysis result, saved in computer or Android or IOS device with which it is connected.

The report of the skin analysis can be saved, helping consumers visually and quickly understand the health status of their skin.

This instrument is very helpful for these users/areas:

• Doctors/hospital
• Beauticians/beauty salon
• Health care providers
• Cosmetics distributors, dealers and users
• Beauty products sellers and consumers
• Skin care products wholesalers, retailer, marketers
• Health product distribution and sales
• As personal care and household self-testing equipment.
When this product comes to being used, it is connected with computers or Android devices.



Item Type: Skin Analyzer
Material: ABS
Main Control Chip: Special main control DSP
Magnification: Fixed focus 80 times
Taking Picture: Built in
Built In Battery Specification: Li ion battery, 850mAh
Auxiliary Light Source: 6 white LED lights, 6 UV purple LED lights
Imaging Distance: AF 0cm
Fixed Base: Special base
Need to Download the APP: Hotmac
Connection Method: Wireless WiFi/USB
Support systems: Windows XP/Vista; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (computer or tablet), Andriod devices(tablet or mobile phone), IOS devices


Analyzes 6 reports:

1. Skin color analysis;
2. Water and oil ;
3. Fine line analysis;
4. Skin inflammation analysis;
5. Skin stain analysis;
6. Skin pore analysis;
After automatically analyzing the skin status, this instrument finally generates a data report.


Package Contents

1 x Skin Detector
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Base

Portable skin analyzer
aesthetic skin analyzer
skin analyzer
faccial skin analyzer
skin diagnostic machine
digital skin analyzer
face analyzing machine
professional skin diagnosis

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