WIFI Wireless Portable Skin Aesthetic Analyzer Digital Skin Scanner Facial Diagnosis Detector Skin Analysis Salon Beauty Machine

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WIFI Wireless Portable Skin Aesthetic Analyzer Facial Diagnosis Detector Skin Analysis Salon Home Beauty Machine



Model Number: SA03
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Skin Analyzer
Feature: Skin Wrinkle , Skin color, W/O balance , Inflammation , Sensitivity , Pore
Target Area:Body, Face
Magnification :Fixed focus 80X
Pixel::Hardware HD 2MP
Auxiliary light source: 6 white LED lights, 6 UV purple LED
Static resolution: 640x480
Imaging distance : Auto focus 0cm
Dynamic frame :30f/s Under 600 Brightness
keyword: skin analyzer
Support system: Windows , Android , ISO
Connection method: USB interface ,WIFI
Language: Chinese/English (other languaegs can be OEM)



1. SKIN DETECTOR: Choosing a suitable cosmetic skin analyzer can improve the scientific basis of analysis, the quality of service and the efficiency of work, giving consumers a better experience.
2. REPORT CAN BE PRINTED: After automatically analyzing the report results, you can connect to the printer to print the report, and the member system can be archived in the analysis system.
3. DETAILED RESULTS: The analysis results are very detailed, which can be used to analyze 8 results including skin color, gloss, water and oil balance, inflammation, fine lines, sensitivity, color spots and pore blockage.
4. WIDELY USED: Can be used in beauty salons, beauty chain agencies, cosmetics distribution sales, beauty products distribution sales, skin care products distribution sales, health products distribution sales, your own and family self test and so on.
5. WARM TIPS: The professional 3 color spectrum automatic skin analysis system can be used for professional analysis of the skin. In order to introduce this product in more detail, please be patient to read the product introduction, use method, and precautions.


Package List:

1 x Skin Detector
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Base


How to use:

1. It is recommended to read the manual carefully before use
2. Download the APP hotmac on the mobile phone.
3. Push the side switch of the detector to on, open the mobile APP, turn on the WIFI switch, select Connect to HTDS02W, enter the password 12345678, after the connection is successful, click the mobile APP to enter the next step

Introduction to computer version automatic skin analysis system

Main page
Member management
Previously used products
Full face detection
Double click on the image to enlarge it
Single point detection
Four picture comparison
Comprehensive analysis report
Single analysis report
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Introduction to mobile version automatic skin analysis system

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