Woodpecker DTE D7 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Oral Irrigator Tartar Removal Automatic Water Supply Cleansing Machine

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product description 1.1 Product Introduction

Ultrasonic scaler is mainly used to remove calculus in dentistry and is an important equipment for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. D7LED ultrasonic scaler with automatic water supply system, suitable for dental removal of calculus, cleaning and washing of root canals

The outstanding features of this equipment are:

a) The handle with LED, clinical operation is more convenient

b) Using automatic water supply function, it is more convenient to use

c) The inner water pipe is made of anti-corrosion materials, and can use special liquid medicine, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite, so that the effect of periodontal treatment and root canal washing can be greatly improved:

d) The automatic frequency tracking system is adopted to automatically search for the best working state, and the machine performance is stable

e) The working handle can be freely pulled and inserted, and can be sterilized at a high temperature of 134°C and a high pressure of 0.22MPa

f) The working process is fully controlled by microcomputer, which is convenient and simple to operate and has high efficiency. 1.2 Model Specifications

D7 LED type

1.3 Machine configuration:

For machine configuration, please refer to the packing list

1.4 Product performance structure and composition:

It consists of a host, a handle, a working tip, a foot switch and a power adapter.

1.5 Scope of application:

Suitable for dental removal of calculus, cleaning and washing of root canals

Good assistant for dentists

Anti-rot material is applied to internal water line system, with clinical solutions

(Hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and chlorhexidine)available,improving the performance of perio and endo function dramatically

Detachable handpiece

Handpiece adopts latest sealing technique,bringing patients more comfortable scaling

Detachable handpiece with light

Shell of the handpiece is made of special imported plastic from America

Without cracking or deformation under the pressure .

Detachable handpiece with light , better visibility

Expert in root canal cleaning



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