Woodpecker U600 Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Oral Irrigator Tartar Removal Automatic Water Supply Cleansing Machine

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Product description

1.1 Product Introduction
U600 LED ultrasonic scaler is suitable for dental removal of calculus, cleaning and washing of root canals.
The features of this equipment are:
a) In the automatic water supply mode, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine and other special liquids can be used to improve the clinical treatment effect.
b) The handle has LED light, which is more convenient for clinical operation
. c) The automatic frequency tracking system is adopted to automatically search for the best working state, and the machine performance is more stable.
d) The working process is fully controlled by microcomputer, the operation is convenient and simple, and the efficiency is high.
e) The working handle can be freely pulled and inserted, and can be sterilized at a high temperature of 134°C and a high pressure of 0.22MPa.
1.2 Model
U600 LED type
1.3 Machine configuration
Please refer to the packing list for the machine configuration.
1.4 Performance structure and composition
1.4.1 Structural composition:
It consists of a host, a handle, a working tip and a foot switch.
1.4.2 Main performance:
Working tip main vibration offset (max): 90μm, deviation +50%; working tip vibration frequency: 28kHz±3kHz; half offset force (max): 2N, deviation +50%. 1.5 Scope of application It is suitable for dental removal of calculus, cleaning and washing of root canals.

Scientific strength with multiple functionalitiesIntelligent power output
Experience painless treatmentPowerful functions
Integrate supragingival scaling subgingival scaling ,reconstruction of minimal damnification implant maintenance and root canal therapy into a wholeSmart touch system
Clear control panel display
Ultrasensitive touch control
Waterproof designEffective and thorough endodontic irrigation
After irrigation , there is nosmear layer on surface but a few amount of dentin debris in the root canal
Intelligent degenerative feedback
More effective scaling

In accordance with different tooth surface intelligent degenerative feedback will automatically output accurate power to the tip
Stable and sustained scaling in the calcification removing process brings you professional operating experience

Sine wave drive
Avoiding stimulation caused by instantaneous current output
ensuring comfortable treatmentAutomatic water Supply System
Easy to change water
Increase work efficiency
Hydrogen peroxide , sodium hypochlorite , and chlorhexidine is available
Clear 50ml scale mark makes it convenient for formulating liquidPerfect combination of comfort and efficiency
Clear touch control panel
Clear power regulation and mode selection 


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