WS120 Multi-Scanner Stud Finder AC Wood Cable Wires Depth Tracker Plumbing Underground Wall Scanner LCD Beep

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Nicetymeter WS120 Wall Scanner Sensor - 5 In 1 Electronic Stud With Lcd Display & Audio Alarm For Wood Ac Live Wire Metal Studs Detection Joist Pipe.

The WS120 is a handheld tool dedicated to quickly and efficiently find studs, detect metal and alert you of live ac wiring. The ws120 comes equipped with 3 scanning modes: auto scan, metal scan and live ac wire scan.

Materials Incldue: Drywall, Wood Flooring, Subflooring, Gypsum Drywall, Over Plywood Sheating.

WS120 Digital Multi-scanner With modes for wood, metal, and live wiring and can quickly and easily locates wood metal studs joists beams metal pipe rebar and live ac wire behind walls, floors and ceilings.

Auto scanning modes can measure metals, pvc water pipes and ac live conductors under drywall.

1. With auto mode, metal will be detected prior to other materials, if it displays "AC live" or "metals", please switch to live con ductor or metal mode.

2. Pvc pipe or wood can be detected under auto mode, and the lcd displays "non-ferrous metals" during detection.


Wire warning detection is up to 2 in.(50mm) deep. And this wire warning is always on while you are scanning in ac wires scan modes, to warning you to keep away from live ac wires and avoiding you from drilling or hammering into water pipe or electrical wires. Whether you are a professional, homeowner or a diy enthusiast, you can find great use with it.

Display:Features an illuminated graphical LCD display to indicate mode, detection strength, and more; The large detection ring flashes green for no object found, orange for object near and red for object found within the sensor range.

Center Finder:This wall scanner includes a center finder that pinpoints the object center with an audible detection signal with an on/off button.This Quick detection surely saves you more time and effort.


Application Notes:
3 measuring buttons instroduction:-The first button is for the automatic detection mode: good for water pipes and wood detection, water pipe can be any material , but the diameter must be greater than 15mm-The second button is for metal detection : used to detect metal with weak signal under automatic mode-The third button is for wire detection : used to detect wires (AC) with weak signal under automatic mode.

Initialization Please initializ it before use : hold the device on hand and switch it on ,(it goes into AUTO mode) and block the detection hole with your finger,If it is green light means the initialization is successful done.If it is red light , press the first button,then block the detection hole with your finger ,when the green light on , the the initialization is successful done.If the light is off, it indicates that the device needs repair.

NicetyMeter WS120 Wall scanner Technical Data:

Maximum scanning depth

-Ferrous metal: 100 mm

-Non-ferrous metals (Copper): 80 mm

-Live AC conductors ( 110,60Hz–220V,50Hz ): 50 mm

-PVC pipes: 35 mm

-Wood: 25 mm


① Based on measurements on drywall and depending on operating mode, material and size of the objects, as well as material and condition of the base material.

② Less scanning depth for wires/conductors that are not ”live”

③ The PVC water pipe should be filled with water, and the diameter should be larger than 15mm.

General Information:

Battery type: 3 * 1.5V, AAA alkaline (not included in the packing)

Dimensions: 185*85*33mm

Weight: 180g

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