Zhoulin WS-101D Bio-spectrum Device Household Health Care Rheumatism Electric Grill Lamp Spectrum Physiotherapy

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The WS-101D Bio-Spectrum Treatment Devices are physiotherapeutic apparatuses of electromagnetic irradiation with wide spectrums, whose main energy zone is located at infrared band (major resource) and extends to microwave (very weak). The device affects parts or traditional Chinese acupoints of the body through direct irradiating, by which the beneficial physical and biological effects can be achieved and the function system of body can be adjusted, thus resulting in the effect of treatment.


Medical Treatment Functions:

Promote the blood circulation; accelerate metabolism; regulate the nervo-humoral system; improve the immune function
Can be used as auxiliary therapy on the following disease:
Internal medicine: bronchitis; asthma; gastritis; ulcers; hepatitis; constipation; diarrhea;
Surgery:wound infection and healing;
Orthopaedics:soft tissue sprains; muscular pain; arthritis;
Skin disease:herpes zoster; eczema; dermatitis; burns; bedsore; frostbite;
Gynecology:pelvic inflammation;
Paediatrics:paediatric pneumonia; mumps;

Health Care Functions:
Elderly: Improve microcirculation and immunity; adjust nerve and incretion function, have the function of disease prevention and anti-decrepit.
Women: Promote female hormone secrete, improve skin micro-circulation and have the function of beauty care.
Children: Improve immunity of children from disease, enhance the nutrition absorption and digest.
Young: Promote metabolism, replenish energy and relieve fatigue.

Power: ≤360W
Wavelength: 0.5-24um
Voltage: 110V or 220V 50/60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Packing size: 84x45x22.8cm
Control method: control panel or remote control
Timing setting: support
Strength setting: support

Major Clinical Cases of WS-101D



Clinical Results

cervical spondylosis
Lumbar disc herniation, LDH
all kinds of pain in waist, shoulder, back, neck, leg
joint and soft tissue sprains

promote the blood circulation,
accelerate absorption of inflammatory exudation,
block the transmission of the pain message

Diminish inflammation, relieve spasm and pain, alleviate the symptoms

wound recovery

alleviate circulatory disturbance,
regulate vegetative nerve function,
accelerate metabolism,

relieve pain, diminish inflammation, reduce swelling, decrease exudation, quicken wound healing

mild degree burns

improve microcirculation,
accelerate metabolism,
prevent microthrombus

decrease exudation and prevent infection, accelerate recovery

herpes zoster

improve immunity and microcirculation

ease pain, accelerate absorption of the herpes zoster and the scab formation

brochitis, bronchial asthma
chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer

generate endo-thermal effect, activate the cells, revitalize the tissues, accelerate the cell growth, provide auxiliary therapeutic effect

shorten time of treatment and accelerate recovery when used with medicine

* Refer to the User's Manual for more diseases application




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